About PAYO

PAYO’s goal is to ensure youth in Midwood have access to opportunities and resources in order to achieve their goals as civically engaged Americans. PAYO’s mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for young people. The organization’s strategy has three pace, each designed to support academic, civic, and professional growth. To foster socially engaged Americans, PAYO offers programs to inculcate service and leadership from a local community perspective, bringing out the importance of not only service to the Midwood community as well as national and global service, since united we stand strong. To bring about academic as well as professional success, PAYO offers enrichment programs that support the educational endeavors of youth and their families, dreams start here. An important aspect of this support is engaging parents through workshops and ESL programs. PAYO’s third focus on vocational and professional pathways is through mentoring and assisting with identifying and applying for various opportunities for young people. Show your effort and be the part of this growing organization, make it successful. We depend on each other. Our motto "united we stand". .