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This Is Waqil Ahmed President of Pakistani American Youth Organization (PAYO).

As we all know we are in the middle of state of emergency covid-19 pandemic, Our board decide to start help our community during their difficult time by providing thier needs such as food. we began to distribute hot meal food since last Monday. In addition, we would also like to start food pantry ASAP.

As the coronavirus pandemic shuts down schools and businesses across the city, many families in our neighborhood  face the loss of jobs and income. The funds raised from this GoFundme campaign will go directly to the organization “Pakistani American youth organization”. 100% of the fund will be used to purchase grocery and other essentials to be distributed among the families in need. Local volunteers are providing home delivery services of grocery & essentials to the old people, people with special needs, single moms and families in quarantine while families with low income can pick-up groceries and essentials from the local distribution location at 1045 Coney Island Avenue  Brooklyn NY 11230

Fuethermore, i would like to introduce your office about our organization Goals and mission. PAYO’s goal is to ensure youth in Midwood have access to opportunities and resources in order to achieve their goals as civically engaged Americans. PAYO’s mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for young people.

The program P.O.W.E.R (Providing Opportunities Where Everyone Rises) was launched in 2015 and focuses to increase and provide educational, environmental, cultural, health and sport activities. The community-based programs are designed to improve the development of the community, and increase the overall quality of life for the youth, adults, seniors and with a focus on women. The main objective of the program is to create a positive impact, provide knowledge and spread awareness. The program provides a pool of resources for the overall community which is accomplished by providing easily accessible education, outreach activities, workshops, training, interactive seminars, and sports activities. The program services operate all year round. (12 months)

The benefit of the program/services is to target and serve the immigrants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Bangladesh and locals of all ages who can benefit Also, enhance their quality of life with a special focus on youth and women through educational, cultural and athletic programs, which develop leadership, responsibility, and teamwork. Youth development programs boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health and provide a safe and structured environment. The program provides information and enhancing skills to educate people about a problem or goal and how to address it; minimizing/breaking barriers, access, exposures by increasing opportunities and availability and education. The organizations social initiative is to address knowledge, skills, education, training, cultural norms, gender, crime, drug use, domestic violence, and various support services. The community will have full access to a pool of resources, tools, knowledge, and support available at all times which will positively benefit the community.

The organization encourages the communities involvements by providing resources, professional networking, addressing main issues/concerns, availability, productive programs, genuine influence, and a positive attitude which promotes adequate communication.

The organization places monthly information booths within the community to promote programs and provide information to adults, youth, women and all. The organization is closely connected with community liaisons, NYPD Community Affair Officers, Community Boards, and Faith-based and clergy liaisons who assist in connecting people to organization programs. The  organization provides general assistance, party venues, food, entertainment, raffles, neighborhood meetings, and interactive games for all ages.

The main site of where the programming services are offered is 1045 Coney Island Avenue location in Brooklyn, NY 11230. Various programming services take place at city parks, restaurants, festivals/fairs, museums, and theme parks.

Please donate and support us so  we can support the ones in need. 
Please email,call,text : if you would like to volunteer. info@payousa.org 718-415-9424 , 718-713-2000  we will be appreciate your time and  contribution.
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